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Donna Nguyen - Family Lawyer

Donna is a family law solicitor admitted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales with a double degree in Business and Law. Donna is drawn to family law as…
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Nothing is more important in this life than family. So, when you find yourself in a difficult legal situation, it’s imperative that you find the right lawyer to handle your family law issues.

An experienced family lawyer understands the rights and responsibilities of all parties in all kinds of family law matters. While you may be capable of navigating your way through a legal matter yourself, a family lawyer can answer your questions, provide advice, and ensure that you’re aware of every option available to you in your circumstances.

When a case becomes complex or confusing, a family lawyer can provide you with valuable guidance and support throughout the legal process to help you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Whether your matter is resolved through negotiation, mediation, or Court action, it’s not uncommon for people to find it difficult to remove the emotional aspect from their own family law matters. This can make it harder to make decisions and see a way forward clearly. Family lawyers can help resolve matters without being caught up in emotions and help you approach the situation from a legal perspective.

They can ensure your best interests are represented throughout the whole process and are trained to take your personal situation into account to provide their services without being caught up in or distracted by emotions. A family lawyer uses the facts of the case and the desired outcomes of their clients to find the best options available in their circumstances. This can often lead to a faster and more seamless resolution.

Family Lawyers can handle, negotiate and guide you through a variety of issues such as Divorce, Separation, Property and financial settlements, Child support rates and custody arrangements, Adoption, and Binding financial agreements.

Legal battles often involve a lot of documents and procedures that can be difficult to understand. When they are performed incorrectly, it can elongate a case and make it more challenging to resolve. When you engage the services of a family lawyer, you can be assured that they are going to perform the required procedures and perform them properly.

They have the knowledge and experience to solve your family law problems quickly and cost-effectively through the best avenue or process (without Court intervention) and will help you to reduce the conflict between parties to come to the best agreement.

They provide Court representation (if required) and can help get all documentation, paperwork and forms in order, whilst adhering to time limits and deadlines.

Most importantly, a family lawyer works for you and has your best interests at heart.

When should I engage a family lawyer?

People often seek the services of a family lawyer only when they are facing a legal dispute and feel like they don’t really have any other options. However, you can seek the counsel of a family lawyer at any stage, even before legal disputes emerge.

A family lawyer can offer valuable advice, provide information and present legal options from a legal standpoint related to family matters throughout the entire process. Engaging a family lawyer sooner rather than later can help you understand the process and make it a lot faster and easier to navigate than going through it alone.

What are the typical family law matters a family lawyer deals with?

Divorce Cases

While the statistics vary depending on which research you believe, the harsh reality is that a significant number of marriages end in divorce. If you plan to finalise your separation, a divorce lawyer is the best person to help you through the process.

The Family Law Act 1975 sets out the terms of the no-fault divorce, which is where the Court doesn’t determine who is at fault and only permits grounds for divorce after 12 months of separation. Furthermore, there are several criteria points that need to be considered, such as being an Australian citizen or living here for at least one year before the divorce application.

At times, it can get a little confusing and so finding an experienced family lawyer to assist you with your divorce may save you a lot of headache in the future.

When should I engage a family lawyer for separation or divorce

Even if you’re only contemplating a separation, you can discuss this with a family lawyer at any point.

A family lawyer can ensure that you’re eligible for divorce and help you with your divorce application. They can make sure your application has the correct details and supporting documentation, so then your application won’t be delayed unnecessarily.

Child Custody

The end of a relationship is never enjoyable, but the situation is far more significant when children are involved.

As loving parents, you want to do what’s right for your child or children irrespective of how you feel about your ex-spouse. This is something that the courts agree with, and the laws are designed with the best interests of the child in mind. The goal is, usually, to ensure that children can enjoy healthy relationships with both parents while remaining safe at all times.

A child custody lawyer will represent your case in the most professional manner to help ensure that a suitable conclusion is made from your perspective, as well as your child’s.

What are the benefits of working with a lawyer who specialises in children’s matters?

While a divorce or separation can be emotionally taxing, when it involves a child or children, it can take this stress to a whole new level. It can often be difficult to see all of the potential solutions available because emotions can quickly cloud judgment.

A lawyer who specialises in children’s matters like child support and child custody issues understands the rights and responsibilities of all parties in all kinds of children’s matters from the legal perspective and can provide advice from an empathetic and compassionate standpoint.

Some other benefits that come from working with a parenting and children’s matters lawyer include:

  • Guidance through paperwork
  • Court representation (if required)
  • Negotiation of various matters, like child support rates, custody arrangements
  • Adherence to time limits and deadlines
  • Expert legal advice on all kinds of parenting and children’s matters

The most important benefit that comes from working with a family lawyer who specialises in parenting and children’s matters is that your child’s best interests are represented. All decisions about you and your child’s futures should be made based on this, and a great family lawyer can help to ensure that this occurs.  

Adoption Cases

Acquiring the legal status of parenthood in relation to a child under the age of 18 from their biological parents can be a long and drawn out process. Moreover, there can be many obstacles along the way as the courts need to verify that you are worthy of guardianship rights.

A family lawyer can prepare your case in an efficient manner to build a comprehensive and thorough application that underlines your credentials to prove that adoption is in the best interests of the child in question. Official adoption is a complex situation, but getting it right opens the door to leading the family life that you and your adopted child deserve.

It is unlawful to arrange a private adoption, which is why you need to go through the right channels. A family lawyer may be the best person to help make it happen.

Name Changes

There are many different reasons for wanting to legally change your name or the name of your child. While this will commonly relate to surnames to ensure consistency through the family (or possible to set yourself apart from the family), it may include first names too.

Either way, formal applications need to be made the Births, Deaths and Marriages authorities. While it is possible to do this alone, a family lawyer ensures that the process is completed in the fastest and most efficient manner. Moreover, they can provide impartial advice before, during, and after the process. If nothing else, it’ll provide huge peace of mind.

Taking the DIY approach can lead to costly mistakes – financially and personally. Given the importance of the assignment, a professional family law service is advised.

Property and Financial Settlements

Many assets can be accumulated throughout a relationship and dividing the assets of the relationship is no easy task. A family lawyer can help to make this process a lot easier by ensuring you understand your legal rights, obligations, and options, as well as negotiating on your behalf and helping you to find a resolution that is not only fair but also avoids costly Court proceedings.

Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is a serious subject, and the right pathway for the victim to take will depend on the type, duration, and severity of abuse. While police officials and other authorities may be required, a family lawyer can help achieve long-term freedom by putting restrictions in place. In some circumstances, the family lawyer may also be needed to keep kids out of the potentially dangerous situations.

A family lawyer might not be the sole person you turn to, but they may help you gain the legal outcomes and the financial support needed to resume your life in style.

Here at Unified Lawyers we have the best family lawyers in Sydney ready to help with all of your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

Team member Donna Nguyen.

Donna Nguyen - Family Lawyer

Donna is a family law solicitor admitted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales with a double degree in Business and Law. Donna is drawn to family law as she is interested in helping clients during a difficult and transitional period following separation. She strives to achieve the best outcome for her clients and has their best interest at the forefront of her advice.

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