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Compulsory Acquisition of Land in Sydney

In NSW an authority, such as a government body, can acquire privately owned lands and properties compulsorily for public purposes. This is called the Compulsory Acquisition of Land. Some of these common purposes include construction of infrastructure such as widening an existing road or building a new highway.

Land & Property Compulsory Acquisition Lawyers

If you have been affected by a compulsory acquisition of land or property by the government, you have the right to claim compensation according to the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991. Our team of specialised property lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle your case.

The Compulsory Acquisition Process

The compulsory acquisition of land process typically consists of several stages:

Issuance of a proposed acquisition notice

The acquiring authority must provide the land or property owner with a proposed acquisition notice detailing the government body that is proposing the acquisition and the period of time within which the compulsory acquisition will take place. The landowner can negotiate with the acquiring authority to try to reach a mutual agreement.

Publication of an acquisition notice

If no agreement between the landowner and the acquiring authority can be reached, the acquiring authority can get an approval for compulsory acquisition from the Governor of NSW and publish an acquisition notice to announce the acquisition.

Determination of compensation

An independent valuer acts on behalf of the Valuer-General to determine the amount of compensation to pay to the landowner within 30 days of the publication of the acquisition notice.

Issuance of the determination

Based on the information provided by the independent valuer, the Valuer-General issues a determination of compensation to the acquiring authority, who is required to contact the landowner and offer them the compensation.

Worried about legal costs?

There is no need to worry about any unexpected legal costs.

All of our legal work for the preparation of your claim and negotiating on your behalf is conducted at no cost to you.

Legally, the Acquiring Authority is obligated to pay all your reasonable legal costs and so we will only seek our costs directly from the Acquiring Authority and not from you.

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