Prenup Agreement experts, for when it’s time to go separate ways.

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Prenup Agreement experts, for when it’s time to go separate ways.

Prenup Agreement experts, for when it’s time to go separate ways.

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Prenuptial Agreements in Sydney

Before you marry, secure your financial future with a Prenuptial Agreement

Let’s face it. No one wants to talk about prenuptial agreements. It’s uncomfortable thinking about what would happen if your marriage doesn’t work out.

Prenuptial agreements aren’t only for the wealthy. Everyday Australians increasingly use them.

We can’t predict life’s twists and turns, especially the impact they have on a marriage. But a prenuptial agreement can help a marriage by underpinning it with some certainty and security.

Prenup agreement require a lot of thought and must be done properly. If you are considering making a prenup, be sure to speak to our affordable and experienced family lawyers.

Our family lawyers are experts in preparing prenup agreements and our law firm has been rated Top Three Best Family Lawyers in Sydney for six consecutive years now.


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What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenup is also known by its full name, prenuptial agreement. It’s an agreement that a couple makes before they get married (or before they start living together as a de facto couple).

A prenup is a type of binding financial agreement (BFA).

Purpose of a Prenup

It’s a contract that sets out what will happen to the property of each party, and the property of the relationship, if the marriage ends. Like a BFA, it can also deal with other issues such as spousal maintenance and child support. Property refers to the assets and debts of both parties. For example:

• Money
• Real estate
• Shares
• Superannuation
• Mortgages
• Credit card debt
• Business assets

Preparing a Prenuptial Agreement

You may have a prenup to sign, or you may want to have one drafted to give to your partner. Either way, we can help.

In both situations, we start by identifying as much property as possible: what you own, what your partner owns, and what you’ve bought jointly. We also look at what you owe.

Once we’ve identified all assets and debts, we work out what they’re worth, and their possible value at specific points in the future.

Then we take into account any children, and whether you’re likely to have any more children.

We also get details from you about whether there’s any property you want to protect or preserve, for example, if the property from your first marriage should be left to the children of your first marriage.

We consider your current lifestyle and expenses, and your future needs. We’ll compare this with the cost of living, now and in the future.

Once we have all the information, we’ll give you advice about what the agreement should include, or whether you should sign one that’s been drafted for you.

It’s a detailed process. To get a proper understanding of all the financial circumstances and implications, we need the time to analyse, ask questions and seek information.  That’s why it’s essential that you, and we, have enough time to make a proper assessment of how the prenup will impact you.

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