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I am so glad finally it came to an end!!. Thank you so much Taylor! you have advised me accordingly as to where I stand in my situation, and resolved my problem amicably. I was advised by many to how... solicitors over charging their clients, unfortunately, it was not with Unified Family Lawyers. They are so reasonable in terms of charges and understand their clients well. I did the right choice by engaging the right firm.Thank you 🙂read more
Sheilah Janarthanan
Sheilah Janarthanan
04:57 23 Nov 21
The whole team at Unified are professional, fast, and very thorough. They provided great advice and ensured that I understood the documents we were working through. I have used them for both buying... and selling property and they were excellent in protecting my interests in both circumstances. Couldn’t recommend more highly!read more
Emma Doyle
Emma Doyle
05:14 09 Nov 21
Many thanks to Unified Lawyers especially Antoinette who has been the one handling my case, she is very helpful answering question, very patience, and always reliable.I would so recommend Unified... Lawyers!Thanks again Antoinette, all the bestread more
devina gunawan
devina gunawan
23:40 21 Oct 21
Alex Bourne and his team were extremely professional and kind. Alex was able to achieve an outstanding result for me and his fees were extremely fair. Thank you to the whole team who treated me with... understanding. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for reliable more
Jacqueline Scully
Jacqueline Scully
06:01 20 Oct 21
Donna was an amazing help with my family court matter. Extremely helpful and helped me understand the process from start to finish.Would recommend to anyone looking for a professional and friendly... service.Thank you again Donna!read more
Sam Piuila
Sam Piuila
03:25 12 Oct 21
Thank you Deama and Stephen for helping us with our transfer. We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication. I would definitely recommend you guys to family and friends.
Michael O'Donnell
Michael O'Donnell
22:58 09 Oct 21
These are fantastic lawyers. They managed the conveyancing of my aunt's house in Sydney, while I'm in Perth. They made everything easy and responded within the hour to any queries. Do not hesitate to... use them. They offer 5 star service!read more
Susan May
Susan May
04:19 08 Oct 21
My case was handled by Tania Sakla, she was very professional. She knew what she was talking about and also was very courteous. My case previously was handled by another firm went on for 18 months.... When I talked to Tania she was surprised that this took so long. Tania closed my case within 2 weeks with a very favourable resultread more
sanjeet chandra
sanjeet chandra
02:48 22 Sep 21
Vincey and Dominic are some of the best property lawyers in Sydney. They gave us clear and expert advice, and supported us through a difficult negotiation process with the other party’s lawyers. I... would not hesitate to use them again, and we are so grateful for their support and more
Yvette DH
Yvette DH
09:16 15 Sep 21
Unified Lawyers was excellent to work with and they provided great advice. They made me feel calm and comfortable, in terms of dealing with difficult people. Shout out to Donna!Thanks heaps!
Naveed Hossain
Naveed Hossain
05:56 12 Sep 21
We recently bought a new house and we really appreciated the efforts put in by Vincey and the team from Unified Lawyers ! Vincey went over and above in helping us through the whole process of buying... a house making it very easy and convenient for us. We trust her in knowledge, compassion and accessibility which helped us through the process very time efficient and worry-free. Me and my partner can't recommend Unified Lawyers enough for Conveyancing !!!read more
Wa Tun
Wa Tun
22:42 09 Sep 21
Unified Lawyers provides an outstanding level of service and professionalism. The level of diligence and attention to detail is what sets this firm apart from others. Will not hesitate in coming back... again if I ever need their services in the more
03:10 20 Aug 21

Our Sydney conveyancing services are second to none. We provide straightforward legal advice on all aspects of conveyancing and property law for reasonable fixed fees. We can help you with the transfer of your residential, commercial or industrial property throughout NSW.

Conveyancing Services We Provide

Our Conveyancing Costs

Our property lawyers offer a competitive and straightforward Fixed Fee for all our Sydney Conveyancing services, whilst maintaining a high-level service.

To keep things simple, our fees are fixed in advance so that you know your conveyancing costs upfront and there are no surprises along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

💰 How much does conveyancing cost in NSW?

It really depends on the quality of service provided by your property lawyer or conveyancer. Generally speaking, Sydney conveyancing costs for a purchase or sale of a residential property in NSW can range anywhere from $990 to $2200 including GST and out of pocket expenses.

It is important to remember, that like all services, you typically pay for what you get.

Can I do my own conveyancing in NSW?

Although you can do your own conveyancing, it is strongly recommended that you engage a property lawyer or conveyancer to do the conveyancing for you. This is because the legal work involved is very detailed and quite specific. One mistake can cost you a lot of money.

What is the difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor?

A solicitor or property lawyer is a licensed legal professional who may handle all type of property related and conveyancing matters.

A conveyancer is only licensed to handle conveyancing matters.

👨‍💼 Are Conveyancers cheaper than Solicitors?

Yes, conveyancers are usually cheaper than solicitors. This is because solicitors can provide much more specialised knowledge and have a broader scope of works than a conveyancer.

For example, if you are selling your property and the purchaser breaches the contract, your solicitor may be able to approach the Supreme Court to enforce the Contract on your behalf. On the other hand, a licensed conveyancer would need to refer your matter to a solicitor to take on.

If you can afford it, it’s generally better to engage a properly solicitor to conduct your conveyancing matter.

How do I choose the right solicitor or conveyancer?

• Thoroughly review all their online reviews.
• Ask how many years’ experience they have in property law.
• Check their credentials
• Ask family, friends, brokers and real estate agents

Should I use a solicitor or conveyancer?

This depends on your budget and the property you are looking to buy or sell. Generally speaking, if are worried about any issues about your conveyancing matter and you want to be sure that the transaction goes smoothly, then it is best to engage a solicitor. You might have to pay a few hundred dollars more if you engage a solicitor over a conveyancer.

💲 Do you pay conveyancing fees upfront?

It depends on your solicitor or conveyancer. At Unified Lawyers, all conveyancing fees are paid at the end of the matter when settlement takes place.

💻 Are online conveyancers any good?

In this day of age, conveyancers or property lawyers that have a strong presence online are preferred. This is because they are generally able to provide you with written quotes upfront, communicate with you faster and also progress your matter faster than a traditional law firm or conveyancer as they do not have to wait until they meet you physically before starting your matter.

🕗 How quickly can conveyancing be done?

On average, conveyancing for a standard purchase or sale usually takes 6 weeks.

Some conveyancing transactions can be as short as 2 weeks while others may be extended to 6 months. It usually always depends on all the parties involved, including the real estate agents, purchasers, sellers and banks.

Learn More about Sydney Conveyancing

If you would like to learn more about conveyancing, we recommend that you have a quick read through this conveyancing guide.

The guide goes through many common terms and phrases that you might come across when looking to buy or sell a your property.

Otherwise, if you have any questions, please contact our property lawyers on 1300 667 461 for a free chat.

Buying Property in Sydney?

Buying a home in Sydney will be one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make. This is why it is extremely important that you choose a property law firm that specialises in property law and conveyancing.

Our solicitors will conduct all the necessary tasks in the conveyancing processes, such as:

  • Review, advise and seek amendments to the Contract for Sale of Property
  • Organise finance arrangements with your lender
  • Arrange a building report, pest report and/or strata report
  • Attend to necessary home searches.
  • Arranging payment and stamping of documents.
  • Investigate any issues with the property including any vested interests, outstanding arrears and disputes
  • Manage the change of title of the property
  • Preparing for and attending to property settlement
  • Attend to financial adjustments including rates, water, and levies
  • Liaise with third parties including banks, brokers, solicitors, realtor, and government departments

At Unified Lawyers, our knowledge and experience of the purchasing process throughout Sydney ensures that your legal rights are protected and most importantly, you get clear title for the property you purchase.

Selling Property in Sydney?

Given the nature of the Sydney property market, selling a home can often be stressful. To make the sale of your property as stress-free as possible, we will do all works necessary on your behalf, such as:

  • Prepare the Contract for Sale of Land including all necessary legal documents
  • Order appropriate searches
  • Coordinate with agents so that your property is placed on the real estate market
  • Promptly respond to purchaser’s queries
  • Review and advise on proposed amendments to the Contract for Sale of Property
  • Exchange contracts
  • Preparing for and attending to settlement
  • Release of any mortgages
  • Liaise with third parties including banks, brokers, solicitors, and agents
  • Most importantly, arrange for surplus funds to be provided to you

We have handled thousands of conveyancing matters throughout New South Wales. Rest assured that we will protect your legal rights and ensure the entire process is stress-free when buying and selling your home.

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