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Objecting to
Applications in NSW

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Are you worried about your neighbour’s building plans?

Do you feel overwhelmed by NSW property development processes?

Are you uncertain about what to do next?

Dominic Nguyen

We can help

We’re property development lawyers in NSW, helping residential and commercial property owners protect their legal, personal and commercial interests. We prepare development application objection letters at fixed, competitive rates.

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Client Testimonials and Reviews

  • H
    hai thai

    Unified Lawyers offered a great professional, efficient service. All the paperwork for our house purchase was taken care of with ease. I highly recommend them for your conveyancing needs.

  • W
    Wa Tun

    We recently bought a new house and we really appreciated the efforts put in by Vincey and the team from Unified Lawyers ! Vincey went over and above in helping us through the whole process of buying a house making it very easy and convenient for us. We trust her in knowledge, compassion and accessibility which helped us through the process very time efficient and worry-free. Me and my partner can’t recommend Unified Lawyers enough for Conveyancing !!!

  • Susan May

    These are fantastic lawyers. They managed the conveyancing of my aunt’s house in Sydney, while I’m in Perth. They made everything easy and responded within the hour to any queries. Do not hesitate to use them. They offer 5 star service!

  • P
    Peter Hanna

    Purchasing a home is a stressful experience in its own right. However, having Dominic Nguyen from Unified lawyers handling the conveyancing for my property was the best decision i could make as a buyer. The legal advice was clear, concise and to the point, with Dominic keeping me informed throughout the entire process. Thanks Dominic for making it simple and stress free!

  • A
    Amanda Todd

    We recently engaged Unified Lawyers to do some conveyancing work for us. We were extremely satisfied by the quality of service provided by Ernest Tung. His diligence, attention to detail and responsiveness were outstanding.

  • V
    Vikas Sharma

    The conveyancing team at Unified (Deama Merhi and Stephen Ooi) worked hard and made sure my home buying experience was smooth, stress-free and transparent. Deama is a highly competent and helpful legal professional. She truly cares about what you need and goes above and beyond to make sure the client receives all the information required to make the right decision. I would not hesitate to recommend Deama to anyone looking for a reliable, professional and honest service. You would be lucky to have her as your conveyancer.

  • Stephanie Kay

    Deama from Unified just completed the conveyancing on my first home purchase! Unified were amazing to deal with – prompt, professional and responsive – Deama took the time to listen to my questions, explain the process and give me pragmatic advice. I would recommend Unified to anyone looking for legal services!

  • Jane Au

    I was looking for conveyancing services and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been made for me from start to end. Dominic has been accommodating and patient throughout my first property purchase not to mention the amazing resilience to my stupid questions time and time again. I could not have asked for better service.

  • T Ho

    A huge thank you to Amira and the team for helping take the stress and complexities out of the conveyancing process, allowing for a smooth and efficient settlement. Would’ve been lost without your assistance in the matter.

  • D
    Dianne Hill

    My family and I have been going to Unified Lawyers for different legal services for years now and we have always had a lovely experience with everyone there. They have conducted many conveyancing matters for us, assisted with business disputes and recently assisted with a family law matter. Their family lawyers in particular are very patient and understanding. I will never hesitate to recommend Unified lawyers to any family or colleagues that require legal assistance.

  • E

    Engaged Unified for their conveyancing services. Amira did an exceptional job handling our complex property. Organised, efficient and very quick to respond. I highly recommend!

  • Michael McHugh

    Dominic and his team acted on a residential sale for us. It was not without its hiccups which was why I wanted a real solicitor acting and not a ‘conveyancing service’.
    As a client I was impressed with their service, focus on the outcome and competitive rates and as a lawyer, with their legal and negotiating expertise.
    I can highly recommend them.

Expert Property Lawyers who really care

Are your neighbour’s property development plans threatening to disrupt your enjoyment of your home? Compromise your privacy? Or damage your property?

If you’re concerned about a development application in NSW, understanding where to get help can make a big difference to the outcome. Engaging a top property and development lawyer is one of the smartest decisions you’ll make. Our legal team are experts in preparing comprehensive submissions to oppose development applications.

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Our success stories

We’ve helped many professionals with document and land registration services in NSW.
Here are a few examples:


We understand that opposing a development application in NSW is an expense which you’d rather avoid. The prospect of unknown legal fees may also cause you significant stress and uncertainty. So we offer a fixed price for preparing and submitting an objection letter.

Even better, we won’t invoice you for expenses including phone calls, faxes, postage and photocopying. Why? Because they’re our costs, not yours.

Fixed price objection letter

  • Reviewing the documents and relevant council instruments
  • Requesting any outstanding documents
  • Seeking your instructions
  • Liaising with town planners
  • Considering any non-compliances
  • Drafting detailed submissions for your objection letter
  • Submitting the objection letter on your behalf
  • Reporting to you

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Frequently asked questions about
objecting to development applications in NSW

  • What is a development application?
  • What's needed for development approval?
  • If a development application is lodged, is it too late to oppose?
  • How do you oppose a development application?
  • Can I object to my neighbour's development application?
  • How can Unified Lawyers help me oppose a development application?

We’ll tackle the hard stuff

Let us take away the stress of opposing a development application in NSW. Contact us to find out how to take advantage of our fixed fee

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