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Are you worried about your neighbour’s building plans?

Do you feel overwhelmed by NSW property development processes?

Are you uncertain about what to do next?

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We’re property development lawyers in NSW, helping residential and commercial property owners protect their legal, personal and commercial interests. We prepare development application objection letters at fixed, competitive rates.

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Are your neighbour’s property development plans threatening to disrupt your enjoyment of your home? Compromise your privacy? Or damage your property?

If you’re concerned about a development application in NSW, understanding where to get help can make a big difference to the outcome. Engaging a top property and development lawyer is one of the smartest decisions you’ll make. Our legal team are experts in preparing comprehensive submissions to oppose development applications.

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We’ve helped many professionals with document and land registration services in NSW.
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We understand that opposing a development application in NSW is an expense which you’d rather avoid. The prospect of unknown legal fees may also cause you significant stress and uncertainty. So we offer a fixed price for preparing and submitting an objection letter.

Even better, we won’t invoice you for expenses including phone calls, faxes, postage and photocopying. Why? Because they’re our costs, not yours.

Fixed price objection letter

  • Reviewing the documents and relevant council instruments
  • Requesting any outstanding documents
  • Seeking your instructions
  • Liaising with town planners
  • Considering any non-compliances
  • Drafting detailed submissions for your objection letter
  • Submitting the objection letter on your behalf
  • Reporting to you

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objecting to development applications in NSW

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  • Can I object to my neighbour's development application?
  • How can Unified Lawyers help me oppose a development application?

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Let us take away the stress of opposing a development application in NSW. Contact us to find out how to take advantage of our fixed fee

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