Divorce law experts,
for when it’s time to
go separate ways.

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Divorce law experts,
for when it’s time to
go separate ways.

Divorce law experts,
for when it’s time to
go separate ways.

Family Lawyers Sydney

Divorce Lawyers Sydney

Helping you through your divorce

A divorce is a major life event. When you’re navigating your way through a divorce, it can also be an uncertain time. How much money will you have? Where will you live? How will the kids spend their time? What happens to your pets?

Even if you’re on good terms with your ex, the process is often challenging.

But help is here. We are Sydney lawyers with plenty of experience in handling all types of divorces, from straight-forward arrangements to complex financial separations involving valuable business assets and trusts.

Whatever your circumstances, your emotional and financial needs are the top priority for us. With experience, compassion and skill, we’ll look after you. Most importantly, our services are affordable and efficient: top-notch services in the fastest possible time, at the lowest possible cost.

Rated Top 3 Divorce Lawyers Sydney

It’s no accident that we’ve been rated in the Top 3 Best Family Lawyers in Sydney, for four consecutive years. Why? Because we listen. We communicate clearly. We find solutions. Most importantly, our clients are our top priority.

“Rated top 3 best Family Lawyers in Sydney for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.”

Source: Threebestrated.com.au

Binding Financial Agreement
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Affordable with flexible billing arrangements

Were specialists in every part of the divorce process, right down to our flexible billing arrangements.

Choose the billing model that’s right for you:

  • Event billing – Opt to receive a bill whenever an agreed event occurs. We’ll work with you to make a plan of events
  • Time interval billing – Based on the time we spend working on your legal issue. Usually, our time interval billing is based on an hourly rate.
  • Fixed-rate-fees – We’ll give you an upfront quote that’s the set fee, regardless of the time it takes to complete the task.

Learn more about Divorce in NSW and Australia

Whats the Difference between Separation and Divorce?

Before you can divorce your spouse, Australian family law requires you to have been separated for at least one year.

When you separate from your spouse, you’re still legally married. Separated couples often choose to live apart, but it’s also possible to continue living under the same roof. Proving your separation dates is more complicated when you remain under one roof. We recommend getting legal advice if you’re in this situation.

If you choose to remain separated but not divorce, you can work with our separation lawyers in Sydney to make sure you’re protected. We’ll also help you inform government agencies such as the Child Support Agency and Medicare.

When divorce isn’t planned, the biggest reason to see a separation lawyer is to protect your assets, for example, real estate, bank accounts and investments. You’ll need to ensure you’ve got a new will, power of attorney and have other plans in place.

We’ll talk to you about your options.

Spousal Maintenance and Binding Financial Agreements

Child support and child custody is often a big part of Family Court divorce proceedings. The Australian government provides many options for dealing with child support cases. Our law firm can help you assess the possibilities and make a decision before the final Court hearing.

When a court orders one spouse to pay maintenance to the other spouse, this becomes a binding financial agreement (BFA). Breaching a BFA is a breach of court orders, often with severe penalties. When you instruct us to act as your lawyers, negotiating a BFA is part of what we do. We represent your best interests and do everything we can to look after you and your loved ones. Learn more about Binding Financial Agreements >>

Parenting issues in Sydney and NSW

Child custody issues are highly sensitive. The best interests of the children are the most important consideration, and its what a court will look at to work out custody and parenting arrangements. The best way to look after your loved ones is to have the help of a specialist child custody lawyer.

Formal and informal child support

The Australian government provides many options for child support payments.
We'll help you work out which option best suits you and your children. Options include:


If you and your spouse can agree on child support, you don’t have to involve the Government. Instead, you can make a financial agreement for child support and take care of everything privately.


You may wish to apply for a child support assessment. You and your former spouse will both need to provide information about your financial situations, children’s expenses and earnings. The Government will conduct the assessment.


A limited child support agreement is an agreement between you and your former spouse. it’s based on a Government assessment and it’s active until you both ask for it to finish. Or, one party can end the agreement after three or more years.


In a binding child support agreement, both parties agree to a specific amount of child support without the need for a Government assessment. It’s similar to self-management, but you’ll need to submit paperwork to the Government.


Sometimes, a court will order child management payments. For example, payments for an adult child (aged 18 years or more) who remains financially dependent because of disability or further education.

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