Family law experts,
for when it’s time to
go separate ways.

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Family law experts,
for when it’s time to
go separate ways.

Family law experts,
for when it’s time to
go separate ways.

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Family Lawyers Melbourne

Melbourne’s Family Law Specialists – Here to assist you in all areas of family law

An experienced family lawyer who really understands is one of the most important people to have in your corner when you’re going through any family law matter.

Whether you’re entering into a new marriage and looking to protect yourself and your assets or you’re resolving the end of a relationship, you need the best family lawyers in Melbourne on your side.

At Unified Lawyers, we specialise in all family law matters, and we provide you with honest and reliable advice and support. We will listen, problem-solve, strategize, and communicate with you. Our aim is to work closely with you every step of the way to achieve the best outcome for you.

We believe that it takes all of these abilities, and not just our knowledge of the law to ensure your best interests are protected.

Our team is comprised of many highly experienced family lawyers, with team members who are also fluent in Arabic, Greek, Lebanese, Mandarin, Spanish and Vietnamese. Language is not a barrier in providing expert legal services.

Find out more about our mission here.

What you can expect from our Melbourne Family Lawyers

When you choose Unified Lawyers to handle your family law matter in
Melbourne, you can expect to work with a team who will:

  • Take the time to understand your unique situation.
  • Help you understand your options and any legal issues.
  • Create tailored advice to achieve the outcome you deserve.
  • Resolve matters as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our aim is to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities, so you can make the best decision for you. We pride ourselves on our clear, concise, and effective communication skills, and we will provide you with the right information and respect your rights to confidentiality.

We also believe that it’s important that you feel like you’ve made the right choice with your family law team. Working with a family lawyer is a big commitment and to ensure you feel confident with your decision, we offer a free first consultation to all new clients.

During your first consultation, you can ask us questions, explain your circumstances, and see if we’re the right fit for you.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

  • Sarah Taylor

    During 2021 I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Antoinette Marie Gauci from Unified Family Lawyers.

    After meeting and consulting with more than one firm I choose to work with Antoinette as I navigated my separation and property settlement. From the initial appointment to final settlement I found Antoinette to be informative, supportive and fair in the advise she offered . I always felt as though my best interests were being highlighted and all of my communications were answered promptly.

    Apart from offering exceptional service I also felt that UFA was very reasonably priced.

    I would highly recommend working with Unified Family Lawyers.

  • K
    Kat T

    I’m so thankful for the service provided by Unified Family Lawyers in regards to my family matter. Frances and Tania were exceptional in all areas – from being highly professional, empathetic, approachable and responsive to all my legal needs. Together they obtained the optimal outcome for me and now I have my life in order. I highly recommend.

  • Luci-Anne Kreller

    Would highly recommend Unified Lawyers. They were highly professional and compassionate, addressing challenging issues and working to resolve them. They were always available to assist and clarified complex processes.

  • J

    Alex and Donna are unparalleled professionals and experts in their fields. If you are going through a difficult divorce, it can be really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Alex and Donna have helped make this emotionally stressful time as easy as I think it can be with their down to earth and diligent communication. They take a lot of pride in their work and they are extremely talented and experienced. I genuinely feel like I am in very capable and caring hands. I can’t be any more grateful to them and the whole Unified Family Lawyers team. If you want someone on your side, you need to speak to Alex and Donna!

  • Kristenn Wong

    Navigating separation and divorce can typically be an emotionally, mentally and financially onerous undertaking.

    However, engaging Unified Lawyers and entrusting my matter to the highly capable and consistently responsive team of Alex Bourne and Chris Kissoglou has certainly alleviated my stress, knowing that they were acting in my best interests with their sensible and pragmatic advice. With their skilled assistance, I was able to finalise my parenting plan and property settlement via mediation with a pleasing outcome that obviated the protracted costs of litigation.

  • Shreya

    Highly recommend Unified Lawyers and a special mention to the lawyer who assisted me with my case – Donna Nguyen. She was thoroughly professional since the day I contacted her, always on top of asking for information, filing the case on time and ensuring communication was top notch every step of the way. Most importantly very upfront around fees structure and was very informative around any hidden fees throughout the process. If every lawyer was like her, there wouldn’t ever be a single person left in doubt around laws and court procedures. She’s an absolute rockstar!

  • Geetha De Silva

    When looking for a family lawyer, a firm in the city asked for a large sum upfront to start with. With unified lawyers, upfront fee was reasonable and affordable for someone going through a difficult period in their life. I was invoiced monthly as I went, which was helpful. Taylor Reardon was my lawyer and she was very friendly and easy to communicate with. She did a great job guiding me through the process and supporting me through the asset split after separation. I highly recommend unified lawyers for family law matters.

  • J
    jun luo

    Tania and her team have done fantastic job for my case. They take my case from my previous lawyer and get everything organised in a short notice. Thanks for their help, I am able to get my property settlement and other devorce matter solved within 2 months. I highly recommend Tania for family law matters.

  • S
    Sheilah Janarthanan

    I am so glad finally it came to an end!!. Thank you so much Taylor! you have advised me accordingly as to where I stand in my situation, and resolved my problem amicably. I was advised by many to how solicitors over charging their clients, unfortunately, it was not with Unified Family Lawyers. They are so reasonable in terms of charges and understand their clients well. I did the right choice by engaging the right firm.

  • muntashir mamun

    I recommend Unified Lawyers for any Family or Domestic violence or issues; I have received excellent consultation when I called them first time in regards to an issue related to my neighbour. They first listen to issue and explained what would be potential ways to deal with the issue from lawful perspective and also send an follow up email to confirmed what was discussed. I was very worried with the particular issue but after talking to them I sensed hope and clear understanding what to do next. I give them a five star.

  • L
    Laura Sereno

    I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, you have been absolutely amazing in helping me to finalise this colossal journey. Your support went above and beyond and I will continue our partnership well into the future. I highly recommend your services and can assure you have chosen the right path with Dominic.

  • Dale Anderson

    I was supported by Unified Lawyers when I failed to appear at a family court matter. I was very pleased that they were able to get my situation undercontrol. I was informed of the procedure and also given excellent advise that resulted with us getting a balanced control back of my situation. We are only getting things started in my matter.I have every indiation and faith that that I am going to have a positive experience.
    Thank you very much Alex and Marryanne your knowledge is awesome. I look forward to the case that Marryanne is going to put forward at my next hearing.

Family law services available
to you in Victoria

When it comes to family law, there isn’t an area we can’t help you with. We are experienced and able to help you with any family matter, no matter your background or needs. You can feel confident in knowing that you’re getting the right family law advice in Melbourne. Some of the areas we can help you with include:

Property Settlements, Asset Division
and Financial Issues

The dissolution of any marriage or de facto relationship will almost always involve splitting property and money. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of the separation process and it’s best to have an experienced family lawyer in your corner.

At Unified Lawyers our team can offer expert advice, ensure that you understand your rights, and represent you when it comes to all sorts of property and financial disputes that may arise during your separation. Some of the crucial areas we can help with include:

Understanding De Facto Relationships and Property Rights

The rights of de facto couples are different to those of married couples under Australian family law. If you’ve split from your de facto partner, the length of your relationship, whether you have children together and various other factors can affect your property rights.

Spousal Maintenance

It is very common for spousal support to be a concern for separating or divorcing couples. This can be impacted by the differences in incomes of each spouse, as well as future earning capabilities of each party. It’s important to understand your rights, obligations, and responsibilities in any financial matter.

Property Settlement Mediations

A property settlement mediation can be a way for you and your former partner to work out how to divide your property without having to go to court. We can help you understand your entitlements based on your unique situation and do our best to achieve the best outcome for you.

Parenting and Children Matters

While any separation or divorce can be difficult, when children are involved, it can make the situation even more stressful and daunting. At Unified Lawyers, we will work with you to find the right solution with the best interests of your child our priority. Your children’s needs will always come first, and we will provide with advice and support in resolving any family legal matter involving your children. Common family law concerns involving children include:

Consent orders and financial agreements

If both parents can agree on how their children should divide their time this can be made legally enforceable through a consent order. Before you enter any agreement, we can provide you with advice.

Child Support

Child support payments are assessed by the Child Support Agency, though they may not always be appropriate. If you believe that your assessment is unfair, our family lawyers can help you.

Grandparent’s rights

It’s important to understand the rights of a grandparent when it comes to seeing their grandchildren. Whether you’re a grandparent wanting to understand your rights or a parent wanting to understand your obligations, we can help you with your grand parenting matters.

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