Mark Machaalani
Chief Executive Officer

The journey into law… 

Mark Machaalani is the visionary Chief Executive Office and Co-Founder of Unified Lawyers.

Mark holds a Diploma in Law from the University of Sydney as well as a Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Technology Sydney, bringing together a unique blend of legal and tech expertise to the firm.

Experience in the legal industry

With over a decade of experience in the legal field, Mark became a seasoned litigator with a broad range of legal expertise, including commercial litigation, debt recovery, bankruptcy and insolvency, insurance law, property law, retail and commercial leasing, family law, and asset protection.

Throughout his time in the legal field Mark represented a diverse array of clients – from multinational insurers, banks and blue-chip corporations to local councils, families, and individuals. He’s a talented advocate who has a proven track record of success in various courts and tribunals across Australia.

Mark is passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow and succeed. With his background in Information Technology, he has a special interest in intellectual property and technology law. He’s always eager to share his knowledge and provide advice to help his clients maximise their value, reduce risk, and plan for the future.

Early on in his career, Mark began to notice that there was a need for a change in the “traditional” legal model, which did not encourage innovation. Mark believed that incorporating innovative technology could disrupt the traditional law firm and result in better service for all clients.

His role at Unified

As the CEO and co-founder of Unified Lawyers, Mark is committed to leading the organization’s long and short term strategies. Rather than be a traditional law firm, Mark’s aim is to change the negative perception of lawyers and create Australia’s most loved law firm – one that is approachable, easy to work with and provides true value to its clients. To do this, Mark focuses on not only the strategy, branding, marketing, hiring, and implementation of innovative technology for the firm, but also on creating a positive culture in the company and investing heavily in his team.

When Unified Lawyers first began, they provided a comprehensive range of legal services encompassing commercial, family law, property, personal injury, wills and estates, migration, and litigation. Fuelled by a passion for helping people and recognising a need for a dedicated national family law firm, Mark and his team decided to pivot the direction of Unified Lawyers to focus solely on family law. Family law matters are often slow, stressful, and usually involve working with people who are going through some of the worst moments of their lives. Mark’s vision was to disrupt this slow industry and make a difference that actually helps people.

The drive to disrupt comes from growing up in a family that encouraged the entrepreneurial spirit. Mark’s father immigrated to Australia from Lebanon in 1968 and after building his business from scratch, has successfully run it for over 40 years and continues to do so; his oldest brother founded and operates a well renowned architectural and industrial design company in Sydney; and his middle brother is the founder of the giant tech company BigCommerce and led its IPO in the United States.

Mark has been married for over 10 years and is a proud father, which allows him to bring a personal perspective to the challenges faced by families. This personal experience, along with having been raised with an entrepreneurial spirit, has equipped Mark to be able to develop Unified Lawyers into the innovative family law firm it is today.

Mark’s passion for helping others and adding value to his clients is unwavering. He’s always looking for ways to make a positive impact and bring happiness to those around him.

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Mark Machaalani
Chief Executive Officer

Contact Information

 1300 667 461


  • Diploma in Law from the University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Technology Sydney
  • Member of the NSW Law Society
  • Member of the NSW Lawyers Civil Litigation Committee
  • Admitted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales
  • Admitted in the High Court of Australia