Kristine Tran
Family Lawyer

Specialising in Divorce and Family Law


“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get”
By – Forrest Gump

The journey into law…

Kristine’s journey into the legal industry first began as a paralegal working for a small boutique firm in 2018 working across various practice areas ranging from property to family law whilst maintaining her studies at UTS.


After graduating from UTS and completing her diploma in legal practice, she worked as a paralegal and eventually as a graduate solicitor in property and commercial law for 2 years which established Kristine’s foundation skills as a junior lawyer.


Experience in family law

During Kristine’s first legal role as a paralegal, she assisted in various family law matters during court hearings and mediation for property settlement. Kristine has experience in preparing binding financial agreements, as well as drafting divorce applications and lodging consent orders with the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia.


Kristine became more familiarized with the family law procedures during her time as a law clerk at a mid-sized family law firm working with clients all over Australia. During this time, she became more adept and knowledgeable about children and parenting disputes and due diligence and assessing the family pool of assets in property settlements.


Prior to joining Unified Lawyers, Kristine worked in the property and commercial law space, assisting with standard conveyancing, off the plan purchases and leasing work. During this time, she gained a deep insight on property law and engaged in high-level advice for clients either purchasing or selling their properties. In her role as a family lawyer, Kristine hopes to continue building a good relationship with clients by assisting with their legal issues within family law.


Although Kristine has worked primarily in property and commercial law, she hopes to consolidate her expertise in property law to assist in family law matters such as binding financial agreements, divorce applications, parenting disputes and property settlements whilst gaining the best possible outcomes for family law clients.


Other areas of expertise

Kristine has experience in criminal law, property law and commercial law.


The passion for family law

Kristine is passionate about gaining the best possible outcome for clients in family/property law. Practicing family law is a highly sensitive area of law, therefore delivering a positive outcome is immensely rewarding when she can assist clients with their legal issues and provide them with a positive result.


Our care for clients

Kristine provides legal advice in an honest and succinct way and often breaks down the legal jargon into simple language for clients in their property and family law dispute.


Generally, the law can be complicated and by simplifying the legal issues in layman’s terms, Kristine provides legal transparency with clients which gives them a sense of reassurance of the legal process. She ensures that clients understand their rights in unique situations, and she assesses the circumstances holistically to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved in a time effective manner.


Why Unified?

The team at Unified are supportive, fun, and kind. Unified Lawyers have a great culture with a collegiate team of lawyers and particular emphasis on work-life balance.


Being in a law firm with an amazing and supportive team, Kristine hopes to continue helping family law clients whilst further developing her legal skills as an advocate of the law.


Passion outside of the law

Outside of the law, Kristine loves going to the beach, running, swimming, and walking her dog on sunny days. During her time away from work, Kristine loves volunteering within her local community.


Other languages

Kristine speaks Vietnamese and can assist clients in conversational Vietnamese with their legal enquiries.


Kristine Tran
Family Lawyer

Specialising in Divorce and Family Law


“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get”
By – Forrest Gump

Contact Information

 02 9190 7549


  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Legal Studies from College of Law (Sydney) completed in 2021.
  • Admitted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales
  • Admitted in the High Court of Australia
  • Law Society of NSW Member