Delfino Wu
Litigation & Family Lawyer

“Only the strong survive.”

The journey into law…

Delfino’s story in law started in 2018 following a decision to switch his career and pursue his dream in legal profession. Started in the position of receptionist in a boutique Sydney CBD law firm where he gained hands on administrative experience, Delfino was exposed to various areas of law including Conveyancing and Property Law, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning and Wills, Adjudication matter, AVO/ADVO matters, Enforcement of Judgment and Debt Recovery matters as a Paralegal. Delfino continues to observe experiences in Family Law, Property Law and Civil Litigation.

Experience in family law

Delfino has worked across the full spectrum of Family Law matters including divorce, parenting arrangement, property settlement, child support, spousal maintenance, Binding Financial Agreement and Consent Orders. Delfino’s experience in family law encompasses working on complex property matters involving third-party’s claim in equity, family violence, large high net worth asset pools, international companies and trusts and complex parenting matters involving family violence, drugs and alcohol issues and criminal offences.

Delfino’s exposure to Family Law matters includes but is not limited to drafting Court documents, pleadings, Application for Divorce, case outlines, preparation for Dispute Resolution, preparation of Brief to Counsel and exercise of examination and trace work on financial materials with his good attention to details.

Delfino has also got substantial experience in Property Law including disputes matters with local council, neighbour, developer and sub-contractor, strata and tenant, commercial/retail lease matters, Easement and Positive Covenant, purchase and sale of land in NSW and settlement via electronic platform PEXA.

Other areas of expertise

In addition to Family Law and Property Law, Delfino also has substantial experience in:

  • Civil Litigation including debt recovery matter, commercial/retail lease dispute matters, adjudication under Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 matters, NCAT applications in Consumer and Commercial Division and Occupational Division, and enforcement of Judgment matters.
  • Criminal Law including bail applications and variation of bail conditions, defended hearings, traffic offences and breach of AVO/ADVO matters.
  • Intellectual Property Law including trade mark applications and disputes.

The passion for family law

Delfino first became passionate about Family Law while he was assisting a complex family law matter involving property settlement with a large net assets pool and parenting arrangement with ADVO in place. This inspired Delfino to exercise his attention to details, critical thinking skills and continuously improving his inter personal skills, so that he may provide efficient clerical support to solicitors and explore useful ideas/options to help the client to achieve the best possible outcomes and overcome the sensitive and stressful time in their lives.

Our care for clients

Delfino maintains the approachability to clients and other stakeholders and believes that a can-do attitude is the key of success in not only Family Law/Property Law but also all other areas of law.

Why Unified?

Where is Australia’s most loved family law firm? Where I work now!!

Passion outside of the law

In his spare time, people might find Delfino pursuing his adventure in the kitchen trying out new recipes, reading with soft background music and cup of tea, or silently jumping and screaming for a goal of his favourite soccer team (due to family rules which is strictly applied).

Other languages

Delfino also speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin, which places him in a position to assist the Cantonese/Mandarin speaking clients.

Delfino Wu
Litigation & Family Lawyer

“Only the strong survive.”

Contact Information

 02 9071 0574


  • Juris Doctor, Macquarie University
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, The College of Law (currently completing)
  • Master of Strategic Human Resource Management, Wollongong University
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Traditional Herbal Medicine Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (China P.R.C.)
  • Admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales
  • Admitted to the High Court of Australians