Child Custody experts,
for when it’s time to
go separate ways.

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Child Custody experts,
for when it’s time to
go separate ways.

Child Custody experts,
for when it’s time to
go separate ways.

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Your Children Come First

The breakdown of a relationship comes with a lot of challenges. It’s usually an upsetting time that involves the need to make a lot of decisions. Some of these important decisions include figuring out how to split your assets and where you’re going to live. And, if you have children, then you’re going to need to think about child custody and how you and your former spouse or partner will parent your kids.

Creating parenting arrangements can be complex and highly emotional, especially because the decisions you need to make can impact the time you may be spending with your kids. However, it’s important to put the needs and best interests of your children first. Working with a family lawyer who is experienced in child custody and parenting matters can help to make these decisions a lot easier.

Here at Unified Lawyers, our family law firm specialises in child custody and parenting matters and can help you today. Our Brisbane child custody lawyers have vast experience in all kinds of child custody matters and can provide you with advice, information and representation to ensure you can achieve the best outcomes for you and your family.

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Finding the right lawyer is not an easy task but it’s an important one. Especially when you’re dealing sensitive issues such as parenting and children’s matters.

Your child custody lawyer should be someone that is not only highly experienced but is also someone that you feel comfortable with.

To ensure you can achieve the best outcome for your situation, you need to be able to trust your lawyer completely, and if you’re not comfortable with them this can be difficult to do.

Before you commit to our services at Unified Lawyers, we offer a free, no obligation consultation. During this consultation, you can speak with our family lawyer, ask them questions, and ultimately, determine whether you think that they are a good fit for you.

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Our Child Custody Law Services

Typically, our services include:

Meeting with you to discuss
your children’s needs

Giving you advice about
the best way to proceed

Communicating with
your former partner or
their lawyer

Exploring whether
parenting arrangements
can be agreed

Seeking any court orders
for parenting arrangements

Drafting court documents

Helping you gather relevant

Representing you in court

We also offer a variety of billing models so that we can find the best and fairest billing option to suit you matter. Our billing models include:

Event billing

You will be billed based on specific events that may occur in your matter. These events will be identified in the costs agreement that we create with you. This provides you with upfront information about the fees and events that will prompt a bill for our services.

Time interval billing

You will be charged for our services based on the time we spend working on your matter. This is usually charged at an hourly rate, which you will be informed of the hourly rate, as well as a cost estimate prior to committing to our services.

Fixed-rate fees

You will be charged a set amount that we quote prior to commencing any work on your matter. The amount you pay will not change regardless of the time we spend to complete the work.

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