Victoria Shahho – Family Law Paralegal

Specialising in Family & Divorce Law

Victoria Shahho is a family law paralegal and started with Unified lawyers in 2022. She is currently completing her Juris Doctor at the University of Technology (UTS), Sydney and holds an undergraduate qualification in Psychology from the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Victoria works closely with Unified Lawyers’ passionate and experienced family lawyers namely, Ms Maryann Melhem who is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, Antoinette Gauci, Matthew Tang, Sophie Booth, Natalie Xu

Her prior experience was in the realm of family law though from the psychological lens having worked as the sole assistant to a single expert (clinical psychologist) who conducts reports for the Courts, specifically the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and the Children’s Court.

Victoria’s experience and education in both the psychological and legal disciplines allow her to navigate the interdisciplinary field from a niche perspective.

Victoria’s undergraduate degree stemmed from a passion and keen interest in the brain and its functions – as humans why do we do what we do, how do we interact with one another, what makes us each similar and unique.

Victoria’s favourite quote is “Before you give up, think of the reason you held on for so long.”

T: 02 9189 1549
E: [email protected]