Kerry Anne Aguilar
Senior Associate

Specialising in Divorce and Family Law


“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”
By – Henry Ford

The journey into law…

Kerry has worked in the legal profession since 2017.


In 2017, and whilst Kerry completed her law degree and practical legal training, she began working at a Community Legal Centre and private law firms in Western Australia. Upon graduating from Murdoch University and completing her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, she continued her role within a mid-sized family law firm which allowed her to dedicate her focus and passion in family law. It was during this time that she was offered the opportunity to take career interstate; where she worked in, and played a crucial, leading role in her former firm’s expansion from Western Australia to the Eastern States.


Since then, Kerry has practiced exclusively in Family Law across all states of Australia. Presently, Kerry is based and predominantly practices in Queensland.


Experience in family law

Kerry has over 6 years of experience in law, with the vast majority of those years practicing exclusively in family law.


She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in simple, complex, urgent and nonurgent family law matters in relation to divorce, separation, children and parenting disputes, contravention applications, property settlements involving high net worth asset pools, spousal maintenance, child support agreements, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and postnuptial agreements. Kerry also specialises in Court-litigated family law matters and appears regularly before the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia in all stages of contested proceedings including interim and final hearings.


Kerry’s experience and expertise also expands to out-of-Court family law disputes as she frequently represents her clients in mediations, negotiations, conferences and arbitration.


She has worked alongside many experts and specialists in the field and throughout the country to ensure that her clients have everything they need during their family law matters. She prides herself in being high collaborative with colleagues, experts and specialists where appropriate/needed.


Other areas of expertise

Kerry also has experience in Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Domestic Violence.


The passion for family law

For Kerry, assisting her clients in some of the most difficult times of their lives is extremely rewarding, particularly when she is able to provide them with the best results for them and their families. This is her biggest motivator at work and what continues to ignite her passion for Family Law.


Since becoming a mother, and being a child to a separated family herself, Kerry’s desire to assist her clients in navigating the family law system is stronger than ever.


Our care for clients

Throughout Kerry’s experience, she has refined a style in practical applications of the law whilst tirelessly advocating for her clients’ interests.
In all that she does, she always remembers that determination and thorough preparation is key – no shortcuts!


She provides frank, honest and upfront legal advice and strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for her clients and their families, whilst empathising with each of her clients’ unique circumstances and situations. She also uses her best endeavours to achieve the most cost and time-effective solutions for her clients whilst assessing the commercial feasibility of taking any steps in their family law matters, prior to doing so. She ensures that her clients are completely guided throughout each stage of their matters in a compassionate manner, regardless of the complexity and nature of such matters.


Why Unified?

Unified Lawyers truly is a family. They place a huge emphasis on providing a positive work-culture and work-life balance for all employees and continue to make concerted efforts to maintain this. This is particularly important for Kerry as she has recently become a mother and has had a pleasant transition back into the workplace from maternity leave.


Being a law firm with one of the leading family law teams in the country, Kerry is able to continue to apply and improve her knowledge and skillset in the field.


She has absolutely no regrets in making the jump to join Australia’s most loved law firm!


Passion outside of the law

Kerry’s strongest passion is undoubtedly her family, as well as maintaining a healthy and balanced well-being and lifestyle, helping others, always striving for growth and success in herself and positively supporting those around her to also strive for the same growth and success.


Other languages

Kerry also speaks Tagalog (Filipino dialect).


Kerry Anne Aguilar
Senior Associate

Specialising in Divorce and Family Law


“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”
By – Henry Ford

Contact Information

 07 2113 2933


  • Bachelor of Laws – Murdoch University (Western Australia)
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice – Leo Cussen Institute
  • Supreme Court admission 4 February 2019
  • High Court admission 18 March 2019

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