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Immigration Lawyers in Sydney

Looking for an exceptional solicitor that’s well-rounded in the latest immigration rules? Are you frustrated about getting an Australian visa? Has your petition for Australian citizenship been denied? Our specialist Sydney immigration lawyers can help you with that.

We are committed to identifying your needs, addressing your concerns and providing you with practical advice on your available options should you want to become an Australian citizen. We have an in-depth knowledge of Australian migration law and procedure and will ensure a speedy resolution to your matter.

Need immediate legal advice for your Australian Immigration?

Our Sydney immigration solicitors specialise in immigration law and are able to assist and represent you before the Department of Immigration or the Refugee Review Tribunal.  We can also assist you with your Ministerial Intervention.

Still clueless about which Australian visa is for you?

Our immigration law firm will study your case thoroughly and will determine your eligibility for one of the above visas or other visa streams not mentioned above.  We will assist in preparing your application and we will prepare legal submissions in support of your visa application when deemed necessary.  We provide legal advice and assistance where relationships break down and in situations involving domestic violence.

Get legal advice from one of our Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents to fully understand your needs and learn the best visa pathway for your immigration matter.

Do you want a skilled migration lawyer to facilitate your visa application?

We provide consultations on visas such as Family, Students, Spouse, Prospective Spouse, Business, Tourist, Work Visas, Bridging visas, Change of condition on your Bridging visa, character matters, visa cancellations and a range of permanent and temporary visas.  We are able to assist you with your Australian citizenship application. We have an in-depth knowledge of Australian migration law and procedure.

Why Choose Unified Lawyers?

  • Immediate case evaluations
  • Expert immigration solicitors
  • Fast, simple and cost-effective services
  • No hidden fees
  • Flexible fee arrangements
  • No obligation to proceed

Low-Cost Services for Every Immigration and Migration Matter

  • Australian citizenship
  • Australian visa
  • Family visa/migration
  • Partner visa
  • Student visa
  • Immigration advice
  • Permanent residency applications
  • Visa cancellation
  • General skilled migration

We can assess your eligibility against different visa criteria and provide you with visa options that suit your needs to enable you to stay in Australia.

We have extensive experience in dealing with the Department of Immigration in relation to your visa application and / or visa process.

Important notice: A Registered Migration Agent must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) to be able to give migration advice and legal service.

It is illegal for someone to give migration advice if they are not registered with the Office of the MARA.  Registered migration agents are bound by the Code of Conduct which regulates the relationship between the migration agent and the visa applicants.