Before signing a prenup, you must obtain independent legal advice.

You must also have plenty of time to consider whether to sign the agreement. It’s not acceptable to see it for the first time, just a few days before your wedding or before moving in together. You must have significant time to:

• Consider the agreement
• Get legal advice
 Negotiate any changes

What is a reasonable time will vary depending on the situation. For example, if English is your second language, you may need extra time to find an interpreter.

No one is allowed to put you in a position in which you feel you have no choice but to sign. For example, one case found that a woman signed a prenup agreement just four days before her wedding. If she didn’t sign, there would be no wedding, and she faced deportation. Because she was in a weak bargaining position, she was at a special disadvantage because she couldn’t make a decision that was in her best interests.

If you feel under pressure to sign a prenup, you will need urgent legal advice from our prenup agreement lawyers.

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