If you’re interested in a BFA, it’s best to make an appointment with us.

We’ll get a detailed picture of your financial situation and carefully consider your needs. We’ll need you to provide us with as much accounting information as possible, including:

• Tax returns
• Household and living expenses
• Assets (for example, real property, bank accounts and shares)
• Details of all debts (for example, mortgages and credit card debt)
• Superannuation
• Business assets
• Dependent’s expenses (for example, school fees)

We’ll start by considering your assets and debts. Then we’ll look at:

• Whether we need to locate any property
• The extent to which you and your partner agree or disagree
• How complex or straightforward are your financial arrangements
• Whether you have any special needs (for example, medical needs)
• The needs of your dependants
• Whether you agree on other issues, for example, parenting arrangements
• The level of conflict between you and your former partner

All of these things will give us an idea of whether a BFA is right for you, whether we should be considering other forms of settlement, how long it may take to negotiate a BFA, and the likely cost.

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