Once you let us know about a development application notification, we can contact the council (or other authority) to ask for more time to review the plans and reports. It will give us time to consider the application, conduct research and draft a detailed objection letter.

Then we’ll arrange a meeting with you to discuss your concerns and help you identify the specific reasons for your objections. For example, the development may:

• Block sunlight
• Be unsympathetic to the convenience and comfort of your property
• Create additional noise
• Increase street traffic
• Potentially impact drainage
• Be at odds with heritage considerations
• Affect agricultural interests
• Cause other environmental concerns
• Create other issues relating to the proposed use of the land

We will review all the plans and other documents submitted to the council (or other authority) as part of the development application and any council instruments. If necessary, we’ll request any outstanding documents and discuss the planning application with other experts.

We will consider grounds for objection and conduct further research if necessary. Then we’ll draft the objection letter, focusing on minimising the impact of the proposed development.

Remember that a council or authority must consider every planning application and every objection. We recommend sending an objection letter if you’re concerned about a proposed development, regardless of whether you believe the application will be approved.

Our development application team is led by our co-founder, Dominic Nguyen. He is widely regarded as a leading building and construction lawyer in NSW, with more than 15 years of experience in the legal and construction industries. His impressive knowledge in both areas has been a significant advantage for his clients, with a considerable objection letter success rate.

Dominic and our legal team also understand how to protect your privacy, especially in public online records.

Often, the key to a successful objection is to act as quickly as possibleIf you’re concerned about a development application in NSW, our lawyers can help. Contact us to learn more.

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