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Marriage is one of the highest points in our lives. However, not all marriages go as planned. Some couples run into typical relationship issues, while others encounter major problems and realise they cannot be resolved. No matter the case, we’ve got just the right websites to get advice from. Here’s an overview of 50 marriage counselling and relationship blogs that are worth checking out. Of course our family law team and divorce specialists are always here to help if you need us.

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The Best Blogs for Relationship Advice


Contact: David Pettett

Anglicare started in 1856, with the primary goal of funding clergy and building of churches. One hundred years later, their counselling and aged care services have expanded well all throughout Sydney. Whether you want care at home, in the streets, or during retirement, Anglicare is very much willing to help.

Angus Munro Psychology

Contact: Angus Munro

Are you suffering from anxiety, depression warning signs, stress, or other issues related to your relationship? Angus Munro’s team of expert psychologists can help your relationship survive. The firm helps you and your partner communicate with respect and support, so you can face problems hand in hand and reclaim the excitement and love lost during the crisis.

Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney

Finding the right therapist for your counselling needs is made simpler by Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney. The site works as a directory of counselling and therapy providers. Depending on your location in Australia, it helps you find a professional from its network of qualified therapists offering a vast range of services, including couple therapy, depression therapy, sexual addiction advice, and so much more.

Associated Relations & Marriage Counsellors

Associated Relations & Marriage Counsellors

Is your relationship on the rocks? You’d need expert help from well-trained relationship experts, which you can find through Associated Relations & Marriage Counsellors.

Whether you are in Sydney CBD, Surry Hills, Bondi Junction, Parramatta, Campbelltown, or other locations across Sydney, their marriage and relationship counsellors are available to answer your questions and help you break free from relationship distress. During counselling, you will be offered a supportive and safe environment where you can learn fresh ways of communicating and describing what you want in a relationship.

Brisbane Counselling Centre

Brisbane Counselling Centre uses their over 27 years in the field to assist residents of Queensland in achieving a healthier, happier, and more enjoyable life. Packed with a team of well-experienced psychologists, the Centre aims to create a warm, welcoming environment for people looking to beat the hurdles and recognise their full potential.

Choosing Change

Contact: Philip Johnson

Choosing Change

Choosing Change Clinic teaches couples, straight or not, to deal with expectations so you can empathise with your loved ones. Married or not, they offer counselling to help couples figure out or solve the issues at hand.

Counselling Connection

Counselling Connection

Counselling Connection provides an avenue for aspiring marriage counsellors to earn a diploma in counselling and for individuals who need expert help not only in relationships, but also in psychological issues such as depression, sleeplessness, grief and loss, and the list goes on.

Couples Counselling and Consulting

Contact: Carolynne Moffat

Couples Counselling and Consulting

Specialising in emotionally focused therapy (EFT), Couples Counselling and Consulting concentrates on helping couples take out the guesswork to building a happy and satisfying relationship. Carolynne uses the ‘map’ to explain to clients why we need a relationship, how and why it gets damaged, and what you can do to rebuild it. Other than couples counselling, the clinic also offers intensive EFT, retreat, or discernment services.

Equilibrium Psychology

Equilibrium Psychology

Using a variety of evidence-based therapies, Equilibrium Psychology serves scientifically-proven effective methods to improve the lives of individuals suffering from relationship problems, as well as psychological disorders such as anxiety, dialectical behaviour, obsessive compulsive disorder, and others. They choose the most suitable methods, craft them to your needs, and interactively monitor how these methods are working for you as the therapy comes to a conclusion.

Relationships Australia

The website not only offers counselling services to couples and families, it’s also a great resource for individuals seeking ways to make their relationship better and more fulfilling. Though advices may not work for everyone, they provide a good range of topics including relationship advice, parenting, relationship difficulties, starting or ending a relationship, and the likes.

Select Counsellors

Select Counsellors is a network of counselling practitioners with extensive therapeutic experience, full accreditation, and appropriate personal qualities. The website hosts a multitude of self-help topics, such as infidelity, fear, depression, willpower, and dealing with stressful situations.

Sexual Health Australia

Contact: Desiree Spierings

Sexual Health Australia

Sexual Health Australia believes that sexuality is a vital part of every human being and each and every one of us deserve to have a good sexual health. As such, they’ve designed a therapeutic program to achieve the same. They also do face-to-face and online relationship therapy, as well as give marriage help to couples going through separation, divorce, difficulties, affairs, and so on.

South West Counselling Inc.

South West Counselling Inc.

South West Counselling’s mission is to make a positive difference through professional counselling and mediation to individuals, couples, families, children and the communities of Western Australia. Their services are best for people having issues with relationships, family, self-esteem, health, sexuality, as well as workplace.

Sydney Counselling

Sydney Counselling

Not only for married or unmarried couples, Sydney Counselling works with you to face common real-life challenges, such as depression, lack of self-motivation, trauma and anxiety. The website offers face to face counselling in Richmond and Riverstone in Sydney, with the approach focused on enhancing psychological wellness more than psychological illness.

The Hart Centre

Contact: Julie Hart

To build healthy, loving relationships, this is the core mission of The Hart Centre. The website is packed with bundles of helpful relationship and sex articles, including topics such as affairs, assertiveness, attachment, break up, communication, compatibility, controlling, couples counselling, empathy, financial stress, infertility, marriage counselling, and much more.

The Mondo Clinic

Contact: Gordon Young

The Mondo Clinic’s team of licensed therapists and counsellors believe that many relationship issues have their origin in the despair and self-doubt. Aside from couple counselling, they also organise one-on-one sessions for those who eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, and even smoking and drinking.

Tracie O’Keefe

Contact: Tracie O’Keefe

Tracie O'Keefe

Dr. Tracie O’Keefe is a licensed hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor sex therapist, life coach, and naturopath. She also does business coaching for all levels of people in the corporate world. She blogs about neurotherapy, family issues, personal improvement, and children mental health.

Whole Heart Relationships

Contact: Julia Nowland

Want to know how healthy your relationship is? Check out Whole Heart Relationships’ blog. Julia Nowland, the site’s owner, believes that the problem is the problem, not the person you’re having problems with. That said, she makes it a point to help teens, couples, and families repair connections, reinstate trust, and savour happier relationships through her blog.

Sydney Men’s Health

Sydney Men's Health

Because men have their share of personal issues, they deserve a therapy that’s designed exclusively for male clients. And this is exactly what Sydney’s Men’s Health is here for. The site is a complete repository of helpful information about men’s issues including relationship issues, aging problems, and sexual inadequacies.

Transformations Clinical Psychology

Lead by Dr. Natalie Johnson, Transformations Clinical Psychology dedicates their business to boost the wellbeing of their clients. They provide assessment, treatment and/or counselling for marriage, sleep problems, stress, conflict and tension, trauma, and other matters that require psychotherapy.

Relationship Institute Australasia

Contact: John Flanagan

RIA is a joint venture of Trish Purnell-Webb and John Flanagan, a clinical psychologist and a social worker respectively. Like Equilibrium Psychology, they use evidence based approach to help couples repair, rebuild and rejuvenate their marriages. Alongside counselling, RIA offers couple workshops and training for aspiring counsellors.

Ruth Simons

Contact: Ruth Simons

Based out of Bondi Junction, NSW, Ruth Simons is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist specialising in relationship counselling for couples and individuals and separation counselling, along with other therapies for disorders such as sleeplessness, post traumatic stress, lack of self-esteem, and so much more.

Contact: Kate Chorley

Kate Chorley, founder of The Light Within, is a counsellor, psychotherapist, life coach & marriage counsellor who started way back 2004. If relationship problem is your concern, Kate can help you rekindle the intimacy, build deeper connections, communicate better, and bring back the love lost through time.

The Family Systems Institute

Contact: Jenny Brown

The Family Systems Institute

Since 2004, The Family Systems Institute has been publishing valuable tips for couples and parents working towards family dispute resolution. To improve relationships, the institute uses the family systems theory developed by Dr. Murray Bowen, which believes that individuals cannot be understood in isolation from one another, but rather as a part of their family because the family is an emotional unit.

Bay City Care

Contact: Mona Luxton

Bay City Care

Known as a non-profit organisation based in Rockdale, NSW, Bay City Care is founded to bring assistance to anyone who’s unemployed, homeless, sole parents or otherwise less fortunate, including food, social welfare services, and women’s support.

The Resilience Centre

Contact: Robyn Scarf

The Resilience Centre

TRC consists of a respected team of licensed psychologists led by Lyn Worsley. The Centre offers assistance to people from all walks of life, particularly those going through family issues, relationship concerns, sexual matters, parenting difficulties, and psychological disorders such as panic attacks, severe stress, and depression, bipolar disorder, among  others.

Mens Line Australia

Mens Line Australia

Whether it’s relationship or emotional well-being of Australian men, Mens Line Australia is always willing to lend a helping hand. If you’re experiencing violence, STIs, relationship conflicts, or simply want to become a better partner, MLA is a great place to get tips from.

Work of Heart

Contact: Amanda Smith

Work of Heart

For over 20 years, Work of Heart has been supporting not only couples, but also individuals looking to gain awareness and potential to create and maintain quality and meaningful relationships. Part of their services are individual and couple counselling, marriage and relationship education, and mediation and family dispute resolution.

Clinton Power + Associates

Contact: Clinton Power

Led by a clinical relationship counsellor based in Sydney, Clinton Power has been blogging about relationship advice for singles and couples for 9 years and have one of the most popular relationship blogs in Australia with over 14,000 visitors a month.

The Best Blogs for Couples Advice


Looking for couples advice on the go? BetterHelp is your best friend. The e-counselling platform hosts more than 1,000 therapists, which provides marriage counselling online for couples, as well as those who suffer from mental health issues. The blog is rich in informative self-help articles, boasting a complete range of categories related marriage counselling.

Blue Horizon Counselling

Contact: Yuliya Richard

Issues don’t have to get in the way when meeting your goals. Blue Horizon Counselling will accompany you through it by providing goal-focused therapeutic methods so you can enjoy healthy living and maintain a strong relationship with your loved ones. Such therapies may apply to individuals, couples, as well as organisations looking to manage conflicts more effectively.

Bridges Counselling

Contact: David Bridges

Bridges Counselling

Located in Paramatta, Sydney, the family therapy and psychology clinic offers virtually all sorts of counselling, whether face to face or online. If you find yourself struggling with mental health, relationships, family or personal issues, Bridges Counselling is a reliable team of 12 local counsellors and psychologists that can help you figure out how to best deal with your dilemma.

New Paths Psychology

Contact: Frank Breuer

If you prefer an experienced, well-trained, and caring psychologist, look no further than the team of New Paths Psychology. They offer services for people of every generation, including children, adolescents, and adults. They also organise workshops with the aim to provide new learnings about what works in families and other social systems.


When others’ approach are all the same, Metanao suggests that you think differently about how you view and experience your relationship. By speaking with you, they aim to find effective and workable solutions to your personal and relationship problems.

Sydney Counselling Centre

Started in 1989, Sydney Counselling Centre has helped thousands of patients suffering from psychological conditions such as severe depression, eating disorders post-traumatic stress disorder, and alcohol and drug addiction disorders. Above all, the centre deals with family & relationship problems, helping you to identify the problem and develop ways to overcome it.

Sydney Gay Counselling

Sydney Gay Counselling

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community and you’re feeling confused, lost and lacking direction in your life? A therapy or counselling with a professional that can understand what you’re currently into might be your best decision. Just like ordinary couples, gay relationships can face challenges at times. Fortunately, Sydney Gay Counselling consists of therapists that are gay or have worked with gay people in the past.

Sydney Individuals and Couples Counselling

Contact: Liz Paul

Whether you’re an individual or a couple seeking counselling, Liz Paul can help you cope with life’s problems so you can live happier with more self-esteem and enjoyment. Sydney Individuals and Couples Counselling is open to straight, gays, and couples who have urgent need to overcome developmental and behavioural issues as soon as possible.

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The Best Blogs for Marriage Advice

Dr. Margaret Lepke

Dr. Margaret Lepke

Margaret is a naturopath, counsellor, educator, author, and speaker rolled into one. Since she’s a devoted Christian, her therapies are based on Christian principles and ethics. However, her services are open for all, regardless of the gender, age, or religion. Margaret’s blog is filled with all things Christian, as well as inspiring words based from personal experiences.

Endeavour Wellness

Endeavour Wellness

To help you perform, heal and succeed – this is the main mission of Endeavour Wellness, a therapeutic clinic based in NSW. If you need help in busting challenges to gain peak performance, Endeavour Wellness’ well-trained psychologists will assist you in finding the right solutions. Check out their blog for more information about success, relationships, happiness, and loads more.

Life Resolutions

Your mental well-being is as important as your physical health – this is one of the core beliefs of Life Resolutions. Because not all individuals go through the same thing, they have tailored their services based on each complex journeys. They work extremely hard to make your experience as frictionless as possible.

Tara Counselling Group

Contact: Judi Barwick

You don’t need to distress if you’re rooting for a relationship or already in one but still looking to make it better. Judi Barwick, together the rest of the team, believes that successful outcomes of happiness, confidence, health and wellbeing, overcoming trauma or whatever you personally want to achieve can be attained when you know how to deal with them correspondingly. TCG’s blog is also a great library of advices, containing marriage facts and tips for couples of this generation.

The Gottman Institute

Contact: Dave Penner

If you’re a couple, parent, or a professional working to improve your practice and empower your work, The Gottman Institute is your best bet. They’ve got counselling services, workshops, plus books, videos, and research to help accomplish your relationship or career goals. TGI’s blog teaches couples strategies on strengthening relationships, so you definitely have to check it out.

True Counsellor

Do you worry about depression, career, or relationship matters? True Counsellor’s therapists swear to help you discover a better and happier version of yourself. They do this by giving you access to a huge number of qualified and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, couples therapists and other mental health practitioners in Australia. They also have a blog with tips for issues that are very timely to this modern age.

Enriching Relationships

While issues are inevitable, relationships can be nurtured with a little help from couple therapy and a counsellor or therapist. Enriching Relationships addresses common couple problems such as disrespect, domestic violence, loneliness, unresolved issues, frequent negative communication and others during their therapy and on their blog.

Beach’s Family Therapy Centre

Enriching Relationships

A relationship in trouble can affect other areas of your life. The Beach’s Family Therapy Centre swears by this fact, that’s why they are offering marriage counselling and relationship counselling to get your partnership back on track so you can enjoy all the rewards of a happy marriage.

Australia Counselling

Australia Counselling, an Australian company, is a directory of counsellors and therapists across the country. By connecting counsellors and patients, the company strives to improve the mental health and quality of life for Australians, regardless of the location, by providing fast online access to hundreds of professional counsellors and psychotherapists in AU.



For over 15 years, Lynne has been working with the couples of Perth using the approach “Collaborative Divorce Counselling Process”. The process uses a more harmonious option to separate/divorce to alleviate the negativity that comes with it.

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The Best Blogs for Psychotherapy

Jacqueline Stone & Associates

Contact: Jacqueline Stone

Jacqueline Stone & Associates

Utilising neuroscience-based approaches, Jacqueline Stone & Associates split therapies into 7 sessions to improve your psychological situation. Depending on your condition after the clinical trial, the therapy can continue until you’re feeling better. For stress and anxiety problems, you can check out the team’s blog for loads of self-help information.

Jodie Gale

If you’re currently struggling, feeling anxious, angry, or depressed, you want to know that there are always ways to turn your life into a happier, richer, or more fulfilling kind. Jodie Gale uses holistic, positive and hopeful approach to address a lot of psychological issues such as grief, loss, life crisis, family issues, and trauma.

The Samaritans

Since 1967, the Samaritans’ social workers have been providing round-the-clock phone support to the suicidal and despairing individuals of Western Australia. If you’re feeling lonely, depressed, sick, financially worried, or other random negative thoughts in mind, you can give them a call to seek real-time support and advice.

Tom Gross

Specialising in counselling and psychology for the past 30 years, Tom Gross engages in counselling that’s stimulating, enjoyable, and challenging but supportive He has a vast collection of informative articles for anyone who’s experiencing depression, anxiety, addiction, as well as relationship issues.

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You’ve just had our top picks for Australian marriage and relationship blogs. After going through each site, we hope that you learned a thing or two about dealing with personal or relationship issues and whatnot.

So does marriage counselling help? It definitely does! Remember that whatever you’re going through isn’t permanent, so cheer up and be informed!

Taylor Reardon Team Member Picture.

Taylor Reardon - Family Lawyer

Taylor joined the family law and litigation team at Unified Lawyers in 2019. Taylor has completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social and Political Science) at the University of Technology Sydney and holds a Graduate Diploma of Professional Legal Practice.

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