Taylor Reardon Team Member Picture.

Taylor Reardon - Family Lawyer

Taylor joined the family law and litigation team at Unified Lawyers in 2019. Taylor has completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social and Political Science)…
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Let us recover the money that is rightfully yours.

We have the most professional debt recovery lawyers Sydney has to offer. Our team has a genuine passion for collecting funds that are rightfully owed to our clients. Our goal is for you to get paid. We have extensive legal expertise and credibility to promptly resolve collection issues. We can usually achieve this without the need to go to Court.

We understand the importance of your personal or business cash flow. We also understand your right to claim what you’re owed. Our clients can relax knowing that we are working hard on their behalf to collect overdue payments.

The debt recovery and collection guidelines

Any collection activity in Australia must comply with ASIC’s guidelines. These exist to protect both creditor’s and debtor’s rights. Our recovery team will ensure compliance with these guidelines.

Our approach

Our debt recovery lawyers act quickly for our clients. This is because we know that older amounts owing can become increasingly difficult to recoup. Below is an overview of the steps we take for our clients in our recovery process:

  1. Upon receiving our client’s instructions, we immediately contact their debtor. This is to try and claim payment as soon as possible.
  2. If the debtor fails to make the necessary payment, we prepare and send a strongly worded letter. This letter outlines the legal action we will take if they fail to pay the amount owing by a due date.
  3. If the date passes without payment being made, we commence then commence legal proceedings.
  4. We constantly attempt to liaise with the debtor to make their repayment throughout the legal process.
  5. Once we receive judgment from the Court, we enforce it against the debtor to ensure that our client gets paid.
  6. We keep our clients updated throughout the entire process.
  7. We do all in our power to reclaim any costs of litigation. We can usually recover the interest owing as well. We get the best possible result for our clients.

What legal costs are involved?

Our debt recovery lawyers Sydney ensure that our client’s costs are always kept to a minimum. Our lawyers fight hard to ensure that most of our client’s costs are recovered from their debtor.

Contact us now for a free appointment with one of our Sydney debt recovery lawyers. We have offices in Sydney, Marrickville, Parramatta and  Surry Hills. We’ll take the time to understand your situation and advise you on the best course of legal action.

Just need a letter of demand?

A strongly worded letter of demand might be all that you’ll need to get paid.

Our recovery lawyers can prepare and send that letter to your debtors for a fixed fee. We’ll encourage them to settle the amount owing through a specific payment plan, at no additional cost to you.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

We can also provide advice to people and organisations on bankruptcy and insolvency matters. Consumer complaints is another speciality. We have many years of experience in these legal fields.

Why choose our debt recovery lawyers Sydney?

  • Free initial consultation appointment.
  • We’re a successful local legal practice.
  • We have extensive experience in organising timely repayments. This includes the building and construction sector, where company disputes are common.
  • We simplify the law for you.
  • We ensure legal compliance with ASIC legal guidelines.
  • We provide personal service, legal action, protection and results.
  • We can help you claim your legal costs from your debtor.
  • There are no hidden costs.

Taylor Reardon Team Member Picture.

Taylor Reardon - Family Lawyer

Taylor joined the family law and litigation team at Unified Lawyers in 2019. Taylor has completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social and Political Science) at the University of Technology Sydney and holds a Graduate Diploma of Professional Legal Practice.

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