Matthew Tang

Matthew Tang - Graduate Family Lawyer

Combined Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Laws.

Matthew Tang

Matthew Tang is a Graduate Family Lawyer that recently joined the family law team at Unified Lawyers.

Matthew has a strong passion for Family Law and is eager and committed to assisting clients with the legal ramifications of separation.

Matthew is experienced in working side by side with clients, and will always strive to develop strong relationships with them and understand their needs, to ensure that the client receives the best possible outcome for their matter.

Since completing his university studies, Matthew has worked primarily in Family Law and is proficient and experienced in assisting with a wide array of Family Law matters, such as parenting disputes, property settlements, divorce applications, pre-action procedures, mediated matters, recovery orders, contravention applications, conciliation conferences, and trial matters.

Matthew's experience and ability to communicate effectively with clients allows them to understand the intricacies at every stage of their matter and eases the emotional stress that comes with the family law process.

T: 02 8384 9306
E:¬†[email protected]