Georgette Newcombe-Hobby

Georgette Newcombe-Hobby – Paralegal

Georgette is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) remotely at the Australian National University, and is expecting to graduate in July 2022. 

She has over two years of work experience in family law, as well as experience in commercial law, government, the prison system, and not-for-profits. Her wide exposure allows her to bring a holistic skill set to solving complex family law matters. Her breadth of experience to both highly litigious areas and non-litigious areas has given her the knowledge and training to be able to meaningfully contribute to each unique case, regardless of the approach the client prefers.

Her roles have also exposed her to diverse people, such as mentoring children through Migrant Australia and Refugee Settlement Services and as a Senior Resident at her international residential college, where she has been consistently challenged to broaden her worldview. This has aided her ability to provide exceptional client service, work effectively with diverse clients, and to make the law accessible to different people at all levels of legal literacy. 

Throughout her time as a family law paralegal, she has been intimately involved in both property and parenting matters, and respects that each case is unique. She enjoys the innately human nature of family law, and is passionate about resolving family disputes as efficiently and compassionately as possible. 

Outside of family law, Georgette enjoys exploring Sydney’s beaches, travelling, and spending time with friends and family.

T: 02 9071 0570